Kara Stanley

Author of The Pain Project, Fallen and Ghost Warning

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This B.C. couple's prescription for chronic pain?
Write a book about it

As It Happens with Nil Köksal, Chris Howden
In 2008, Sunshine Coast musician Simon Paradis suffered a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury that paralyzed him from the waist down. Ten years later, he remained plagued by chronic pain, and his wife Kara Stanley proposed a new approach. Together, the couple embarked on The Pain Project, a months-long investigation of all things pain, culminating in a book of the same name. They spoke with As It Happens host Nil Köksal about everything they learned — and learned to let go of.

Simon Paradis & Kara Stanley - Roll 'um Easy

Listen to Kara and Simon talk openly about book-writing, music-making, resiliency and recovery and all the many challenges and victories along the way in this episode of Jane Gowan’s podcast Music Buddy 

Kara Stanley // The Cagibi Express Interview

Kara Stanley is interviewed in the September 25, 2018 issue of the Cagibi Express literary journal.

Why grief is a common theme in Kara Stanley's writing

Kara Stanley takes the CBC Books Magic 8 Q&A and answers eight questions from her eight fellow authors.

Cinq a Six: Kara Stanley on her book Fallen

Kara Stanley is the author of Fallen: A Trauma, a Marriage and the Transformative Power of Music The book was inspired by her husband Simon Paradis's fall. She looks at the the positive effect of music on Simon's recovery.

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